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Is your business ready for Digital Marketing?

Is your business ready for Digital Marketing?

Don't get alarmed by the question, every business needs to be ready for digital marketing:

  • SEO:
    • You need to have a team that can add valuable content or if you have added a good number of pages (over 100 to the website).  At Techshu now we have over 4000 pages, if we optimize those pages properly we can rank well.
    • Do you have enough websites linking to your website? Or is your website, content or idea cool enough to attract link.
    • Or are you ready to work towards getting more links and writing more content which is user centric. It will take time but are you committed for it.
  • PPC:
    • Is your website ready enough to convert visitors at right cost? This takes relatively good time. Building Trust through website is very different and takes time. You need to show client list, testimonial, knowledge base or something that will help people understand you. Then the whole process has to be smooth, else people will procrastinate the decision. 
    • Is your margins good? Or can you recover the cost in second or third sell to the same customer. Often the first sell is at a loss, you bid to make a relationship which is profitable in long run.
    • Which segment will buy you easily?
    • Are you convinced about some categories? Are you ready to invest and risk for it?
  • Social Media:
    • Is your business interesting? Or is your business informative enough? Are you ready to go social and connect with people? If they say some negative things or if they have queries, are you ready to take care of it.
    • Are you ready to spend some time in writing down the interesting things you want to share with visitors.
  • Affiliate:
    • Ready to share a good part of profit?

There are various aspects for readiness, major ones being:

  1. Is your website ready enough? Design wise, easy update wise (as you will need quick changes), tracking wise, information wise, trust wise etc
  2. Is your website well connected with social media etc
  3. Is your business ready enough to sell by its own. On web you won't be able to talk much with client, they scan and make impressions. Are you ready for great first impression.
  4. Are you convinced you want to try Digital Marketing? Are you ready to work with the agency or your own team towards it.
  5. Are you clear about why you are doing Digital Marketing?
  6. Are you ready to spend some time in understanding this new medium? It is not exactly same as you thought. 

Please let us know if you have more queries.