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Keyword Analysis for PPC

Keyword analysis for PPC is completely different from SEO keyword analysis. This page will help you to know the basic points you shouldkep in mind while doing keyword analysis, also we will revela which tools you can use for keyword analysis.

Lets talk about Google Adwords Keyword Toold first.

  1. Sign in to Google.

  2. Open Adwords.google.com

  3. Go to the Keyword Planner

Now here you have different options and they are,

  1. Search for new keywords and ad group ideas
  2. Get search volume for a list of keywords and group them into ad groups
  3. Get traffic estimates for a list of keywords
  4. Multiple keyword lists to get new keyword ideas

Click on the first option, you will get this page,

Here you can mention your target location, keywords which are in your mind, URL of the landing page if you have, category of the product if feasible and different other options which will help you to get more relevant keywords.

Put some keywords, say suppose we are putting PPC company there and you will get this,

Now download this CSV file and arrange accordingly, select keywords which you like to keep and put them in your keywords analysis report and later in ad groups.


Our recommendation: We recommend to present the keyword analysis report in such a manner so that it becomes more scalable and easily understandable. So better you put this in two part, so say suppose your kwyord is ppc company in India, so it has 3 parts mainly which are, ppc, company, india.


So keep them seperate in different tabs of excel sheet and keep adding more and more to this. so other attributes similar to PPC would be , pay per click, online advertising, online paid ads, online paid marketing etc.


Similarly other attributes similar to company would be firm, agency etc.


So by using permutation combination you can come up to different keyword analysis, say suppose ppc company in india, ppc firm in india, ppc agency in india, pay per click company in india, pay per click firm in india, pay per click agency in india, in this way.


We always prefer using broad match modifier or phrase, though it depends, it depends upon the  business and feasibility.


Other tools which you can use to get more ideas are, semrush.com, check what your competitors are targeting, similarweb.com etc.


Things you should keep in mind for keyword analysis for PPC

  1. Never go with search volume, go with relevancy
  2. Try to find out keywords with less competition or low suggested bid
  3. Try different match type



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