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Why Us


Why TECHSHU for your web marketing needs?

“Who we are begins with who we were. We were & are Web Marketers and Developers.”

  1. Out of the box thinking: PLEASE DON’T HIRE US if you need to execute a dead task. We are a bunch of  incorrigibly curious, “why not” people who are  crazy about  Website Development and Web Marketing. From designers, engineers, SEO managers, social media experts and strategists, to our dreamer cook, we don’t care what the nature of the problem is–– the end result is – it’s solved.
  2. Our technical strength: (Marketing is not just promoting, it is also about developing your product/website) Most of our team members were previously website architects and marketers. We have managed over 50 servers using IPKVMs, worked on virtualization, Click fraud detection products, data encryption, data compression, backward reservation protocol and much more. We make websites better with the help of advanced browser technologies like HTTP_PIPELINING,  innovating new technologies, better backups, better code management and scalability. Our impeccable technological knowledge  impacts every decision we make. It gives roots to our strategy, wings to our creativity and teeth to our results.
  3. Our marketing strength: Our team consists of pragmatic MBAs (not the usual bookish kinds).  The ones who never met a problem they couldn’t solve. We have recruited MBAs who are born marketers.
  4. Our attitude to save TIME and Money (Automate every non- intellectual repetitive work): Our SEOAppy application is one of our unique innovations that saves over 50% of clients’ time and money. Afterall, our ultimate objective is to make our clients more profitable.
  5. Our thinking: Reuse & Innovate. Our mission statement, corporate mantra, creative compass—call it what you will—can be summed up in two words: Problem Solved.
  6. Expertize: Many may claim the expertize, a search for our founders can confirm our expertize in the  field.Our expertize: SEO, PPC, Social Media, Affiliate marketing, usability, conversion improvement, website development, website designing and everything under web marketing and website development domain (except a crystal ball or a silver bullet)
  7. Training & Development (Up-to-date with the  ”in” thing in the world of technology): Michelangelo was once quoted as saying “ANCORO IMPARO,” which means “I’M STILL LEARNING”. You might be surprised that an icon of the Renaissance would say such a thing, but it might come as a shock to you  that he was 87 when he said it. At TECHSHU  we learn everyday. We  read the latest books and recommend the useful ones to others who are interested in the world of web and technology.  We keep on learning new technologies and keep our team up-to-date with the latest. We have also started sharing handpicked relevant news with others.
  8. HR policies: CRAZY, MADNESS are the words we hear when we explain our HR policies. We have flexible timings (and that’s one reason you will get help even at mid-nights), amazing revenue sharing models (founders earn lesser than the most effective team members in a given month), amazing food, accommodation facilities, policy of converting quality into numbers and numbers into share and much more. We have been innovating HR policies for our PASSIONATE team members.
  9. Accountability: Every hour of work is logged into our system and is being analyzed by our system for improvements.
  10. We care: We care for your website and web business as much as we love ours. We don’t use any technique that can have negative implication on your brand, in short or long term. We always followed one policy, “IT IS OK to lose a client but it is NOT OK that the client loses his business or gets a bad remark”.
  11. We needn’t say more about ourselves as you will have lot more to say when you get acquainted with the TECHSHU team.