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One More Step: Pre-Interview Screening

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Thank you for showing your interest to join TechShu. Before we meet for the interview it’s important for us to know that we are on the same page. We value time (yours as well as ours) which is why we’ve a pre-interview screening process. 
Pre-Interview Screening
We have a small screening process before we ask you to come down for an in-person interview at our office. Objective of the screening: When asked what we do SEO, PPC or Facebook Marketing – we say “ we focus on creating SOLID WIN for our clients through right Digital Mix”. Full Stop.
If our clients are successful in real terms, we are successful in real terms, everything else is fad and void. Success Mantra for any client is 25% subject knowledge + 50% understanding customer’s business well.  Rest 20% is about fitting subject knowledge to customers business and need. Screening is to know how well you understand customer’s business ( that’s called hitting the bull’s eye)
What you Need to Do?
  • Please pick up a business of your choice (mention the url) 
  • Understand the business and their marketing needs (as per your understanding assume a few things and document it)
  • Analyze the environment (market, competitors, SWOT etc). 
  • Draft a few Digital marketing strategies to help the business achieve their goals.
  • You suggest a budget. 
  • Think of different types of marketing channels (offline+online) and suggest the most effective ones. Think 
  • ROI, think risk and yes, think from customer’s perspective. 
You can consider the following points while you do the analysis:
  • Meaning of success to the business
  • Customer segments
  • Channels
  • Budget
  • ROI.
Ask queries ( send email, we will call you back).
TechShu Consultancy Pvt. Ltd
5/5 stars
Techshu is doing very good work for me. I am continuing to use them for this ongoing project