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Friendship can take you places. And so can Google.

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 “There is nothing on this earth more to be prized than true friendship.”
Google, through its latest campaign, brings out the essence of friendship that goes beyond time and space. The advertisement titled “Reunion” portrays the coming together of two childhood friends who were separated by the Partition. The 3:33 minute video, that went viral, has already garnered two million odd hits on YouTube.
It narrates the tale of two boys, who, like many others, were victims of the partition of the Indian sub-continent by the British colonisers. Now old and residing on opposite sides of the border, they are united after 66 years by their grandkids who swear by Google’s search engine.
The man in India gets nostalgic while recalling his boyhood habit of stealing jhajhariya (a variety of sweet) with his friend from a shop close to “Mochi gate” in Lahore. His granddaughter successfully locates the friend by following his hints on Google search. She immediately gets in touch with the grandson of this gentleman who still lives in Lahore. The young man too falls back upon Google for information about procuring an Indian visa.
The advertisement ultimately depicts the reunion of the two friends and how they revisit their childhood after all these years.
Viewers across India and Pakistan have hailed the advertisement as the much-needed unifier that celebrates the essential similarities of the two neighbours. It makes us question the concept of border in common people’s psyche and acts as a mouthpiece to their hope of renewed friendship between the two nations. The social networking sites are replete with comments of people describing how they were driven to tears by the video.
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“If it doesn’t move you, you’ve got a heart of stone,” wrote Beena Sarwar, a Pakistani journalist on her blog.
"Google brought nations together in 3 minutes 32 seconds. The politicians of both countries couldn't do this in 66 years," this is what Akshaya Aradhya had to say after watching the advertisement.
The partition of 1947 left a bitter taste in everyone’s mouth who witnessed their close ones go through unbearable suffering. The advertisement explores the pain of separation and celebrates the shared experiences of all these individuals, signing off on a hopeful note.
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