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Google launches voice-activated search with ‘OK Google’

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Google has released ‘OK Google’, the voice-activated hotword extension for Chrome for the desktop. It lets users talk to Google without typing or clicking anything. This tool, currently available in beta, can now be downloaded from the Chrome Web store. This feature is available in English only in the US.
Simply download and install the extension. To give permission for using your microphone, click ‘agree’. Now go straight to and say ‘OK Google’, followed by your question. It is also possible to set reminders if you are signed in with the same account. 
Visit to check it out yourself.
This new tool enables users to converse with Google without typing any search term, while it responds in a more personalized manner. It is worth mentioning that Google assures “this extension sends your question to Google only when it hears the phrase ‘Ok Google’”.
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