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Online Branding for Largest Linen Manufacturer & Retailer in India

Aditya Birla Group appointed TechShu to review their digital strategy, Their brief was simply to help Linen Club position their brand as the premium clothing manufacturer and retailer in apparel segment. We believe we achieved this through the use of cutting edge innovation through strategic social media engagement for the last 3 years.

Social Media For Branding

Value Created for Client :

  • 0 to 4,00,000+ Facebook Fans
  • Regular Engagement via Apps & Posts
  • Branding across other Social Media Platforms
  • Organic Ranking for keywords related to "linen"

Key Objectives:

  1. Branding across targeted segment
  2. Reaching and engaging TG
  3. Consistent Communication & Positioning


  • Consistent Marketing Communication
  • Encouraging Participation & Loyalty

What we did
We started with social media marketing for them. We increased the no. of fans, we improved the visibility, and we also increased participation and user engagement. We did a lot of hard work indeed.

We also did complementary SEO for them. They were not ranking for any keywords when we started the work but now they are ranking for their main keyword “linen” which has a search volume of 4,090,000 globally and 90,500 in India per month. We also optimized their website for many other keywords relevant to their business and they started ranking for all of them.

Linen Club has store all over India. So recently we also started doing Google Places listing for them and now the local stores have started ranking.

Digital Content Strategy

We worked with Linen Club on a digital content strategy that provided their key audience groups with engaging content across all the  social media platforms (Facebook ; Twitter ; G+ ). This included constantly refreshing content around Style advice, DIY tips, contest and fashion catalogues.

Facebook Apps

We created facebook apps for engagement during festival, ran engaging contest, promoted them via facebook ads

Results that we have got

  • When we started the work the fan base was zero and now the fan base is 498k+.
  • They also started ranking for their main keyword “linen” along with many other keywords.
  • They get traffic almost 11,000 every month. They have also started ranking for in Google local.
TechShu Consultancy Pvt. Ltd
5/5 stars
Techshu is doing very good work for me. I am continuing to use them for this ongoing project