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700% Increase In Traffic Within 6 Months Of SEO For A Travel Agency

Value Created for Client :

  1. 700% increase in Organic Traffic within 6 months using Structural SEO
  2. Reduced Cost Per Aquisition
  3. Sales

Client's Name:

Industry: Travel & Tourism
Target Country: All countries (Focus was India)
Time Frame: 6 Months


Key Objectives:

The client wanted to improve the rankings in search engines in order to generate greater traffic and thus more sales.


  • Optimizing Large Website 2000+ pages
  • Interlinking of Pages to Category

What we did

We noticed that the website was quite large in size; hence it was pretty difficult to do onpage SEO for it. It was more like a travel eCommerce website. So we started doing structural SEO. Structural SEO is completely different from Onpage and Offpage methods .

Structural SEO - A scientific approach developed by our team of experts who are pioneers in the SEO field with 6+ years of experience. Structural SEO is specifically created to make SEO for large website simple.

Results that we have got

Increase in organic traffic which resulted in higher number of leads. For this client the website traffic was increased over 700% in less than 6 months.