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Scam word removal for a reputed corporate trainer

Value Created for Client :

Now when businessess search for “our client's name” online, Google makes great suggestions such as " our client's name + Training Consultant” and “our client's name + linkedin." Today, our client continues to experience higher referrals. our client also receive fewer consumer complaints, refund requests, and chargebacks.

All this in In less than 4 months,of aggressive online brand protection

Key Objectives & Challenges:

  1. The single point objective was to remove the word "scam" from Google suggest associated with our client's name.
  2. Sustain positive search and push the negative publicity further down.

Scam word removal strategy

We have deployed a two pronged strategy to aggressively push the negative publicity down. we worked on the following two aspect

  • On existing Web Assets
  • Creating new web assets- social profiles, blogs

We worked on existing social profiles like Facebook, LinkedIn and used the Twitter handle to great effect [check slider] and on the website. We created engagement via regular  posting on varied topics related to leadership and management, which got us social mention and traffic to website [ a surge in direct traffic using our client's name]

We also created many social profiles in popular platforms here is a list of 12















some web profiles :

We also did a paid Press release for training edge…

Our team has embellished those accounts by adding profile images, website url & a positive description for “our client”. We have tried to customize the name inside content and have done interlinking with main profile to create positive optimization. In myspace we have uploaded two videos.

Our Approach

1. Most talked about content is pushed in Google suggest.

2. More number of pages (Content) for a specific keyword in Google, more chances of these keywords being pushed higher in Google suggest.

3. More searched keyword is pushed in Google suggest.

4. Most recent keywords are pushed in Google suggest.

Positive keywords to eliminate Scam word

  1. Our Client's Name +Training EDGE
  2. Our Client's Name + Certified Training and Development professional
  3. Our Client's Name + Learning and Development Professional
  4. Our Client's Name + Trainer
  5. Our Client's Name + Learning Specialist

We also posted strategic content on blogs (topics mentioned below) and promoted it via PPC ad to get more traffic on the page for targeted keywords.

Some of the Blog topics

  • How twitter change the style of politicians
  • 15 top twitter handler in Canada
  • 6 Amazing article writing tips
  • How informative article help to boost your website
  • Difference between article writing and copy writing
  • Power of blogging for personal branding
  • Blog is the spkoesman of a company
  • 10 great blogs written by top business developers
  • 8 reason you should ask for Development Professional
  • What training sessions do your company require
  • Top 10 free download sites worldwide


To remove the word scam we set up an iframe on blog [see the screenshot in the slider] we ran ads on Google and Facebook to get traffic to this particular blog page ,
so whenever people are landing on these blog pages , it is sending a signal to Google that people are searching for this page through this phrase. We also added positive queries to Google suggest with the help of proxies we intent to search for our targeted keywords. This has helped us achieve the result in a short span of time and helped us remove scam word from Google auto suggest.