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Investing in different teams for different business groups

Again, it took us real time to create the difference

We worked with businesses of all sizes, from large brands where they spent millions on marketing to  very small business who caouldn't afford more than $200 a month, from hierarchical teams where everything had to go through approvals to a company with 2 employees, from established brands to startups etc. We realized that the challenges faced by our teams were different with different businesses.

The analysis and experience lead in creating different teams for different businesses. Teams were created based on three main factors: Mindset, Skill set and proficiency with specific Toolset. Take a look at our team structure. For more details please visit


  1. For Local Businesses
  2. For SMEs
  3. For Marketing Agencies
  4. For Large Brands
  5. For Product Companies
  6. For Startups
  7. Tech Team

This has lead to much better returns

Our teams for local businesses are focused on highly fixed processes whereas the team working with brands have access to high end analysis and reputation management tools.