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Google Adwords Disclosure Notice

Client's Guide: working with a third-party partner/ Agency

TechShu Consultancy PVT. LTD is a third party advertisement partner to Google. It has a team of Google certified ad professionals using the Google Adword, Double click  platform to run ads for various clients across different location and for different industries. As a reputed company, we adhere strictly to Google best practices for better performance and results for our clients  [read disclosure notice] and third-party policy

To help you select a third-party partner, Google has developed a Partner Programs. Third parties participating in these programs will display a badge on their website and have taken and passed certification exams. Two badges that you’ll probably see most often are AdWords Certified Partner and AdWords Authorized Reseller. See the badges and learn about our Partner Programs at

Note: If you’re working with a company that’s managed hundreds of AdWords accounts or more than a million in has spent ad spent, then it’s likely that they’ve developed expertise with AdWords. If they tell you that certain industries have historically higher online-advertising costs or certain keywords might not work for your business, they’re probably speaking from experience.