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Why do we need to add content on page?

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Question: Why do we need to add content on page? This is an ecommerce website and users are not interested in reading content, they just want information, why you need to add content? 

Answer: This is one of the most common queries and one of the most valid queries that we get. Google values website for following reasons:

  1. Information which people are looking for - Explaining in the next paragraph
  2. Great business which people are looking for (Popularity) - This is where Google looks at links from different dimensions like relevancy, PR (Popularity index), authority, topical rank etc. Each link is considered as a weighted vote.
  3. Growth rate and Growth signals (Some businesses make a huge buzz on web, recent popularity, personalization etc)

When it comes to information Google looks at content. One of the best examples are search for "search engine in Google", what do you expect? Google to rank as #1 website right? Without doubt Google commands 75% of search engine market. Now the reality is Google doesn't rake here, Google CSE ranks somewhere at 7th or 8th. This will explain a lot of search engine algorithms, it is about content, google goesn't mention the word search engine on its page whereas bing does which helps it rank. Most of the other pages are full of content like wiki page etc, the other ranking factors also comes into picture like meta description, bing has mentioned the keyword search engine in the description which helps google understand about the web page better.

The point is, Google is still an engine that looks at parameters to rank a website, content is a major parameter. Now if look at Amazon, it gets its content for user comments which helps it rank better. If you look at other major ecommerce, they all rely on adding content either in information or bottom part of the page. Look at walmart http://www.walmart.com/cp/cell-phones-accessories/542371. Its a decision, search engine traffic is too large to ignore and in the initial phase of business we must leverage it. Even if you look at http://www.techshu.com we have added content on the homepage for search engine benefit.

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Google ranking for search engine

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