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Ecommerce SEO

The online retail landscape has magnified in terms of opportunities for big as well as small retailers. Online ecommerce platform has helped small craftsman , entrepreneurs and start-ups to put up thier products and compete with larger brands. A typical ecommerce portal will have thousand of pages spread across categories , sub-categories and products. A page wise SEO for a large ecommerce site is a pro-longed  strategy that would take years to get result.

Structural SEO for ecommerce

Cutting-edge  applied technology coupled with our vast experiance in digital marketing and research helped us to offer a logical, quick and efficient SEO solution for an ecommerce portal - Structural SEO  or automatic SEO the answer to effective site wide SEO for ecommerce ranking across product and category keyphrases.

Next level of ecommerce SEO

Structural ecommerce SEO is an applied science taking together SEO best practices and usability factors keeping in mind Users- visitors and search engine best practices guide lines. Structural SEO is an organized way of optimizing a large website in one single shot.

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Structural SEO for ecommerce comprises of

  • Keyword mapping [Grouping and Clustering]
  • Meta title,
  • Description,
  • URL structure,
  • Redirections,
  • Image alt attributes,
  • Bread crumb navigation
  • Product schema mark-up,
  • Document Structure Optimization [headers to call to action]
  • Page content optimization
  • Interlinking
  • keyphrase spread across page
  • External links
  • UGC optimization
  • Technical Parameter fix
  • Tracking Set-up
  • Crawl error and broken link fix
  • & more

Our extensive knowledge of seo along with expert execution makes us one of the best digital agency in Kolkata. Take a look, how structural SEO created value for a travel agency

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