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Do it Yourself Docs

Digital Marketing Docs for Agencies and Individuals

We always believed in open world, let the world be better for all. Ask us if you need more help. Our goals is to help as much as possible (Read our "Shu" Story). We use these documents, we will keep publishing more documents. We started this document section very recently. You should check our tools section (The tools we use or planning to use). Also you can join our community Oh it is not stopping, there is so much more to share, you must check our ROI section and Digital Mix section to learn more about how to use different channels


  1. Pre Sales Questionnaire.xls - Collect the most important information. Prospect clients don't want to fill large questionnaire.
  2. Also while requesting the proposal please add your comments "Request for proposal document" (Now there is a newer version, it has improved our conversions further, there was always a disconnect with Sales team and Proposal Team, this will bridge the gap).
  3. (There are more documents here, we will be sharing it with time, keep watching)

Post Sales:

  1. PPC Questionaaire.docx
  2. Post Sales SEO Questionnaire.docx
  3. Google Places Optimization Questionnaire
  4. Social Media Marketing Questionnaire

Knowledge base:

  1. What is Adwords - How it Works and Returns.ppt
  2. Methodology for SEO.pdf
  3. Sitemap Suggestion.pdf
  4. Managing Multiple Language Websites Edited.pdf
  5. How to Fill Your Facebook Billing Settings Document.pdf

Digital Marketing Reports:

  1. Digital Mix Detailed Analysis Business Report
  2. Digital Mix Monthly Plan Report
  3. Digital Mix Master Plan Report
  4. Keyword Analysis Report
  5. Onpage Report
  6. Link Report
  7. Monthly Report for SEO
  8. Traffic Report
  9. Performance Report
  10. Planning & Strategy Report For PPC
  11. Overall Monthly Report For PPC
  12. Campaign Report
  13. Ad Group Report
  14. Ads Report
  15. Keywords Report
  16. Search Term Report
  17. Managed Placement Report
  18. Automatic Placement Report
  19. Geographic Report
  20. Other PPC Report
  21. Overall Detailed PPC Report
  22. Social Media Monthly Report
  23. Local SEO Monthly Plan
  24. Local SEO Overall Report
  25. Local SEO 1st Month Report
  26. Local SEO 2nd Month Report
  27. Local SEO 3rd Month Report
  28. Reputation Management Report