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Digital Marketing Agency in Los Angeles

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Looking for a Digital Marketing Agency in Los Angeles?

We started in 2003 and are considered one of the pioneers in this industry. Senior members of WMW, SEOMOZ, one of the top certified companies from Bing, Google Adwords certified, Google engage partners and more. Before starting with any digital marketing agency, here are few points:
  • Digital Marketing Mix will produce the right ROI.
  • Even new age SEO is about thinking beyond SEO, right SEO is about Digital Mix focused towards SEO 
  • There are 2 dimensions to Digital Marketing, (1) Creative dimensions (2) ROI in terms of real output in short term and long term. Right Digital Marketing Agency will be able to understand the right focus and will be able to balance both. High End Creatives are expensive and sometimes may not result in ROI. ROI focus work is very different from high end creative, somewhat like Aesthetics vs Usability. Aesthetics is a part of Usability but Aesthetics is not whole of Usability. Similarly Creative work is a part of ROI but creative is not the only channel for ROI. Choose the right Digital Marketing Agency for your current phase of work.
We don't know whether we will be working together but we certainly feel we can send you a proposal and plan which can give you more insights of what is possible for your business. Please contact us and let us know your requirement, we will be able to send you a detailed proposal. Read the following points before you select a Digital Marketing Agency for your business. This will help you to understand and shortlist the agency that can take your business to the next level.
Note the 1st Question: Note if the agency is sending you a proposal at the drop of a hat or is it asking you about your business and your target group to start with. It is very important to understand the goal and requirement of your business and nobody knows it better than you. Once the objectives of the business is clear, then only the agency can go ahead with preparing your proposal.
Align your goal and get the ROI: Check if it’s just about digital marketing jargons and numbers such as “traffic growth” , “total fan followers” etc. These are no doubt important but falls flat if you do not get leads/ sales from these activities. Hence see if the agency has the right metrics to calculate your ROI
Ask them for Litmus Test: If the agency claims to be “ranking experts”, you may verify the same with their own site. Enquire about the search terms they themselves rank for; this is a simple formula to test their mettle instead of buying any other “storytelling”.
Certification: Make sure that the company has authentic certifications to make sure that you’re placing your project in reliable hands.
Be sure of what you’re getting: From the very beginning, be very clear about the  endpoints, timeline, and deliverables. Ask for sample reports and notify them if you have further requirements before hand
Price:  A Digital Marketing Agency in Los Angeles would charge you something $75- $200/ hr 
How can we help you? We have our teams and partners throughout the world.  Headquartered in India, we have the cost advantage; we add great value at right costing. The most knowledgeable team in India, we never force you to invest on anything that won’t get the right ROI for your business. Send us a mail at for more details.
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