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Why working with an Indian Company is profitable?

Shocking Reality but the truth and a WIN-WIN Truth

No matter which company you are working with , a part of the work is getting done in India (or countries where there is cost advantage). It makes sense for all, the client wins as they get more work done, the agency wins as they save more and the Indian agency wins as they are able to make profit too. It is a WIN-WIN-WIN situation. Agencies have saved over million dollars partnering Indian companies

Should you be working with an Indian Agency? 

If your budget is less than $5000 a month, you should. An A class company , in your country will charge anything between $75 to $200 per hour. You do get Z class companies who can work at low cost of $15 to $25. In India, there are companies like Techshu (very rare though), which have created great international properties from India which can deliver amazing return at $15 to $25 an hour. So with a $5000 dollar budget, you will get 25 to 50 hours of work, which is not sufficient for anyone to create enough return. You need to spend more hours. In India, you can get anything between 400 to 500 hours of work for the same budget. Thats a huge difference, it can make huge difference. Talk to us & see the difference

If need you can take a consultant who can cross check the Indian company's work. 

It is not outsourcing:

Traditional outsourcing is when you hired few more hands or legs, this is about hiring brains that can execute at par with any global companies. Get a Proposal with timeline & price quote

The key to success is to select a good partner:

Often we feel bad when we see people overseas trusting people without any cross checking. For all companies including Techshu, you must check their website, talk and ask questions before signing up. Don't signup for 6 months of 1 year, signup for monthly payment or max 3 months of payment. Give 3 to 5 months of time and see how they can work. Before that, you must talk to the team managers, you must talk to the team that will work on the project, see who they are and whom they worked for. An Indian company that doesn't work for Indian brands will not be able to do good job for you, working for large local brands help a company understand branding, organic growth and sales better.

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