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Conversion Tracking Set Up

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Adwords Conversion Tracking Set Up

What is Conversion Tracking?

Conversion Tracking is a free tool that shows you what happens after a customer clicks on your ads, whether they purchased your product, signed up for your newsletter, or filled out a form to receive more information.
By tracking these actions, known as "conversions," you'll know which ads, keywords and campaigns bring you business. This helps you invest more wisely in the best ones and, ultimately, boost your return on investment (ROI).

Why it is important?

Conversion tracking is important for several reasons, Like :
To find out the potential keywords & Ad Copies: Not all keywords are equal. Conversion tracking helps you to find those potential keywords, for which you are getting the conversions.
Boost your ROI & Optimize you campaign: Not all keywords are equal. But if you know which keywords bring you the most business and which ones don't, you can make smarter investments in those keywords and avoid the unhelpful ones altogether.

How it Works?

Conversion Tracking works by adding a single snippet of HTML and JavaScript code to your webpage. Specifically, this snippet is placed on the page your customers see after they complete a conversion -- the "Thank you" page they see after a purchase, for example.
Every time a customer clicks your ad on or selected Google Network sites, a temporary cookie is placed on the customer's computer so a conversion can be recorded when the customer reaches the conversion page.
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