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[CONTEST] Weird Business Ideas by TechShuians

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Participant: Subhadeep & Lisa

Business Idea 1 : Online Kabadiwala Business

Tagline: Call us and see, “Ghar ki safai kisko bolte hai”.


Expertise In:
Collecting bhangachora things, bhanga loha lockkor, old newspapers, waste households materials, empty bottles (basically all types of bottles), plastic bottles and basically all types of things that have been abandoned and can be recycled.
Minimum Requirement for Home Pick-up:
Bhangachora Things: Min. of 2 Kg.
Waste Households Materials: Min. Of 10 Pieces
Bhanga Loha-Lockkor: Min. of 5 Kg
Old Newspapers: Min. of 3 Kg
Empty Bottles: Min. 20 Bottles. (Liquor bottles preferred.)
Our Unbeatable Prices:
Bhangachora Things: Rs 10 per kg
Waste Households Materials: Depends on the type of materials.
Bhanga Loha-Lockkor: Rs 7 per kg
Old Newspapers: Rs 12 per kg.
Empty Bottles: Liquor Bottles @ Rs 3 each; other bottles @ Re1 each.
Register with us this Diwali, and win a beautiful empty Champaign bottle for launching your rocket crackers.
Register Now...
Also trying to book a domain. Just checked it, goDaddy says it available...
Participant: Subhadeep & Lisa
Business Idea 2: Online Egg Shell Business

Tagline: We provide you with Egg-stra special services.

An online/offline business idea when we can sell egg shells to customers, niche market ;)...

Will help customers get benefited by: 
Placing it at every corner ;) of their room and enjoy a lizard-free home.
Bring out your creativity and design your own customized egg shells for your home decorations.
Help your child complete the work education projects and score good marks.
Projected Discounted Price:
Full Egg Shells-10% broken (Poultry): 10 Shells @ only Rs 20.
Broken Egg Shells 50% broken (Poultry): 10 Shells @ only Rs 10
Full Egg Shells 10% broken (Duck): 10 Shells @ only Rs 30.
Broken Egg Shells 50% broken (Duck): 10 Shells @ only Rs 50.
Egg Shells Chips: 50 gm @ Rs 15.
Customized designer eggshells @ Rs 50
Order now and get a chance to win a dozen of real (edible) eggs for free. 
Participant: Partha Datta
Business Idea 3: Cultivation of Holy Basil
The weird business Ideas is about Cultivation of  Holy Basil seeds as because it is helpful to make medicine and it is good for our health.
Participant: Nazir Hussain
Business Idea 4: Mobile Canteen
Mobile Canteen inside offices in the IT industry. Authorized vendor will have some Sales man who will sell snacks like samosa, chops and these kind of things inside office.
- Sales man will be having ID cards that say about them.
- they will be given some different kind of uniform so that the environment of the office doesn’t get any side effect and they get their identification as well. 
- they will be allowed inside office in the duration of every 2 hours.
- they will charge RS 1/- extra for each item.
Future and scope of the business :
Suppose I took the tender for Mobile Canteen for Block 3B in Ecospace and I have presently 6 sales man.
- They go to each floor every 2 hours alternately so that each sales man visits every floor only once in a day.
- suppose in each floor they sell 200 items, so in a day they will sell 1000 items.
so 1 sales man profit for 1 day = Rs 1000.00
Now I have only 5 sales man, so my one day's profit = Rs 5000.00
and so 1 month's profit => 22 x 5000 = Rs 1,10,000.00
Now I give Rs 5000.00 per sales man every month, so my net profit for 1 month is Rs 85000.00(considering each offices' working hours is 10 and only 22 working days).
In future I will be targeting BPO sector where office's working hour is 24X7 and whole month
Only one block in a business park gives me profit of Rs 85000 per month
Suppose there are 10 blocks in each business park/IT park/Offices, then how many such centre will be alone in Kolkata
In future I will start a chain business  of Mobile Canteen that will be spreaded all over India and I will be selling my franchise as well.
Now, can you imagine about my net profit in a year in that case ?
No you can't because your imagination can't have so many zeroes having single 1 in the left than actually it will.
Yes It will be billions of dollar.
Participant: Pratik & Avimanyu
Business Idea 5: Hangover Helpers
Here’s the situation: You and your friends were up all night partying. Now, you’re suffering from a horrendous hangover, you’re dehydrated, and your apartment is trashed. The thought of having to make yourself something to eat and then clean up that colossal mess is just too much to handle.
 So what do you do? You call the Hangover Helpers, We will help their hung over clients crawl back into the land of the living with as little pain as possible. We will also prepare the break-fast for them.We then clean every room where the party happened. This includes cleaning dishes, pots, and pans, and recycling all of your beer bottles and we will charge a fair amount of money according to package system. ..we will also drop all the hangovers to their homes safely within the same charge..... How is it ??
Participant: Atrayee
Business Idea 6: Storytelling
I have come up with an idea for the contest, and would like to share it with you.
An individual who is a natural with words and can mesmerise their audiences with interestingly articulated tales, should consider taking up storytelling as a business. They need to enjoy the company of people and have fantastic communication skills in order to thrive in the market.
The business can be started on a small scale by narrating fables etc to a group of kids at a nursery school or say the British Council library. It can later be expanded to sharing personal anecdotes or value-based stories to grown ups in colleges, neighbourhood clubs, or even cafetarias and pubs. Bookstores offer another excellent platform to take the business ahead, as people across all age-groups converge at this spot.
This business, if taken seriously, can prove to be very profitable, since it does not involve much financial investments. Also, parents want their children to get involved in reading and storytelling sessions to take their mind away from gadgets and television. Adults benefit from it too as they get an opportunity to focus on the brighter side of life for a while, a welcome break from their hectic schedules.
In this era of technology boom, this business can ultimately be a life-saver to people across all social classes and age-groups, and prove to be profitable to both the entrepreneur and the client.
Hope you liked my idea.
Participant: Pritam
Business Idea 7: Smashing Place
We can start the weird business by creating a Smashing place.
The Smashing Zone: Now the life is very busy & due to workload we usually become very stressed or angry at the end of the day & we usually start thinking to smash everything which is there in-front of us but we won't because those things have been purchased by my money so we deemed our anger but if we will create a place where stressed & angry people will come & they will purchase glass vase & they will throw & break it to the wall for take off the anger & stressed.
Participant: Kaushik
Business Idea 8: RIP Estate
My weird business strategy is I want to start a business where I will book a place in cemetery for people. My motto would be find those rich people and make them understand if he can purchase bungalow,audi, Tab phone or diamond necklace then why not book a place for death. Like I will tell client we will arrange calm place for him/her. The place would be measure by 1 square foot / 1000 bucks. Obviously my targeted client would be from specific religion and they should be rich.
My Company name: RIP estate pvt ltd
Tag line: Come explore and book your place.
I will start the company as a private limited but after few year as my profit will increase by leaps and bounce I will make it a public company.
So I am taking initiative from today itself. Please motivate me.... :P :D
Participant: Sadhak
Business Idea 9: Khujli Wala
This business is about helping people to do khujli. The client will call and the agency will send a guy to help the client khujli. A simple business idea. ;-)
Participant: Subhankar & Dipanjan
Business Idea 10: Beggar's Hangout

We will make some cheap food products only for beggars, costumes that can act as certificate that they are actually beggars, search for places (set it up there where they mostly sit and roam around and beg). When they beg more and earn more, We will start making profit.

Participant: Sekhar Saha
Business Idea 11: HR Services
I want to open a talent hunt agency and will send the job seekers to the companies for recruitment.
While I do that, will ask all the job seekers to send the resume where your name, address, birth date, time and place will be mentioned. And all these are must. I will hire couple of astrologers to check the biodata in terms of potentiality of that candidate and where he can excel (like sales, finance, technology, customer care, RnD, marketing, operation, management etc). Accordingly I will send him to that specific profile seeing for which position companies are currently looking for. Astrological analysis will help to check the nature of a candidate as that defines in which job he will be happy.
In this process following things will happen:
1. No wrong hiring will happen
2. Companies will have larger trust to my agency (and no of testimonials also) thus increasing revenue to me.
3. Word of mouth from the candidates as they will find a suitable job with max satisfaction.
TechShu Consultancy Pvt. Ltd
5/5 stars
Techshu is doing very good work for me. I am continuing to use them for this ongoing project