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Document Structure

What is document structure?
The Document structure is the structure of HTML page, generated by the document’s headings, form titles, table titles, and any other appropriate landmarks to map out the document.A good document structure organizes the total structure of the page body with headings and subheadings. Proper usage of keyword is essential to have SEO advantages. 
What is an ideal document structure?  
A good document structure should fall in pattern of a good essay structure. You may refer to the following illustration 
<h1> Dresses Online –
<h2>Winter wears
  1. The most important heading on the page should be the H1.
  2. There is usually only one H1 on any page.
  3. Sub-headings should be H2′s, sub-sub-headings should be H3′s, etc.
  4. Each heading should contain valuable keywords.
  5. In longer pieces of content, a heading is what helps a reader skip to the parts that they find interesting.