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Extendable and Scalability

Here are a few questions from our clients:
  1. Can't I just have one plain few pages website?
  2. Can I update the content?
  3. Does it have a blog?
  4. Can I add a job board?
  5. Can I give our client access?
  6. Can I open the site to allow for multi users?
  7. Can they each have a profile where they can upload resumes?
You see how quickly a site can progress? This site has quickly gone from a basic site to a fully functional job website. The reason why we recommend our Marketing-ready CMS  (which is customized from open source Drupal CMS) to our clients because they can use it to run a simple site or to run a highly complex multi user ecosystem. Once you are in the our platform the sky is the limit. We challenge our clients to make the right choice for their business at the get go, because it can end up costing them more in the long run if they make the wrong choice.
Using our customized Marketing-ready CMS - 
  1. The site can be extended using thousands of contributed modules available .
  2. New modules can be easily developed to cater to your custom needs.
  3. Many high traffic websites are currently using Drupal as there CMS. Ex:,,,,,,, and many more.
  4. With proper Infrastructure setup the site can handle millions of page views.