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Top 20 Marketing Features

Our Marketing-ready CMS is a product of a careful science. To create it we went beyond the standard process of conceptualizing, outlining, and creating a site. Effective Marketing-ready site requires a holistic look at the motivations, desires, and pain points of our site's visitors. We keep following elements in mind to make it an effective Marketing-ready cms - 
  1. User Friendly - providing a lot of information shouldn't be synonymous with overwhelming your audience. we crefully carve the site to find the balance between providing a lot of content, and presenting that content in an easy-to-digest format.
  2. Search Engine friendly - More than one billion searches conducted each day on Google alone, it's more important than ever that your site be easy for search engines to find, crawl, and index. Our SEO team continously work round the clock to make our CMS  search engine friendly but by all means, we always optimize for the user experience first, and the search robots second.
  3. Optimized for lead generation - You can't convert leads if you can't attract and gather their information first. Our CMS incentivize visitors to provide their information with access to relevant and engaging content which meets their specific needs per their stage in the buying process.
  4. Informative - Our in-house content team helps to create incredible content for our client's site that serves the informational needs of leads, prospects, and customers.  Through unique and valuable content, you have the potential to reach more people in each of those groups.
Our powerful Marketing-ready CMS is loaded with following marketing features which make sure that you get maximum benefit from your site from day ONE -  
  1. Newsletter subscription.
  2. Ability to create Landing pages.
  3. Track Search keywords from website search to optimize content.
  4. Click to call Feature.
  5. Ability to create Lead forms.
  6. Live help integration for support.
  7. Feedback Form.
  8. Supports Video embed .
  9. Tracking of your visitors and leads.