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Click to call Feature

Advanced Marketing Feature - Click to call

Click to call is an advanced marketing feature that helps the visitors and browsers to drop in their contact number and name, so that they recieve a call back and expert consulting for their queries. This feature has potential to high conversions and allows convinience to the visitors or customers. It also helps the business in getting lead from website, maintain a database for future communications.


Advance Marketing Feature For Business - ROI centric

For small, local businesses click to call feature can provide high potential leads (customers putting in thir number are the one with requirements) it allows businesses to call back and resolve all the queries and turn potential customers to real one (sales) . The CMS also provides advanced integration with CRM (Sugar) to create and maintain database. All the phone numbers along with names are sent to the crm database and can be used to customize offerings (maintaining client history of purchase) re-target them with latest offerings via SMS blast. It also comes with mail integration for alerting the owner / admin/ marketer to schedule contact with the prospect

  • Easy to maintain database (integration with Backend CRM)
  • Customizable look and feel (Tab colour can be matched with your corporate website)
  • Customize text inside the box
  • scalable mobile marketing (SMS marketing possible)