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Checklist for PPC

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Various Checklist for PPC

Earlier our CEO Aji Issac Mathews used to take a lot of time for packing whenever he had to travel. Sometimes he even face great problems while catching flights or trains. One day he decided to solve this solution and prepared a checklist.

After that whenever he had to go somewhere he just had to go through this checklist and he could pack faster than anyone, we used to wonder how come he packs so fast. By the time others were trying to remember what should they carry, he was finished with packing.

So having a checklist is a great comfort, it makes your life easy and structured(TechShu recommend structured event). So whatever we do, we do it in a structured way, we have various documents for them and checklist is a must must of them.

So here, we are giving the following checklists(you can download them), we are sure they will help you.





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