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Amalaan Jewels is a Designer Jewellery company; a part of Limtex Group of Industries. Limtex is involved in various operations, like tea processing, biscuit manufacturing and IT-related activities. The software and BPO offices are present across the country; Limtex also trades a large number of other products in the foreign markets, in addition to the domestic sector.


Amalaan Jewels are in designer jewelry business from last 3 years, they wanted to expand their business through internet along with brand establishment. For that they needed one attractive yet simple and usable website which can showcase their entire range of product portfolio and site need to be easily accessible in any device (Responsiveness) to browse their product range from anywhere. Also site needs to be easy to update with minimal technical knowhow.

Our Solution

Amalaan Jewel's main objective from this site is to showcase their latest portfolio range but portfolio site can be a double-edged sword. It either builds or breaks you. Bad design simply irritates potential customers, stopping them from viewing your products. In order to attract the potential customers, your portfolio should be designed properly according to certain principles which not only impress the customers, but also ensure their smooth user experience.

We designed the site layout keeping our main objective in mind i.e. to showcase our portfolio range and for that we developed attractive sliders and portfolio module for representing product range in efficient way.

Core of our design is 'Less is more' we understand the importance of simplicity for any portfolio site; we designed site keeping every element on site simple and intuitive. And what’s really matter for Amalaan Jewels is a simple portfolio site which makes its messages crystal clear to their potential customers which not only allows the customers to get the idea easily on what the portfolio is going to show, but also get to know or view their works without too much confusion.

Also, we developed Amalaan Jewels site as responsive site by using the latest HTML5 and CSS3 techniques which can be browsed from multiple devices like mobile, tablet and PC


We produced clean and simple Site that has tons of personality while showcasing the products effectively on the home page as well as on a collection page. The prominent slider at homepage coveys its message and brand quotient of Amalaan Jewels. Site is easy to use and has straight-forward navigation which can be seamlessly accessible from any device and browser (Responsive site).

Amalaan Jewels

Technologies Drupal HTML5 CSS3 JavaScript

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