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The Army Institute of Management, Kolkata is one of the leading management schools in India. Established on 28 July1997 by the Army Welfare Education Society (AWES), New Delhi for the wards of army personnel, the institute is the first-of-its-kind in India.


For management business schools it is very vital to attract good quality of students and companies. For that their web presence matters a lot as all students before applying to any college they research about institute through their website also companies do their homework before coming to college for recruiting its students.

The old website was outdated and HTML based website, it has no CMS which made it difficult to update new news items and content which often delay in updating new content which was giving it a look of dead website, design was also out of date and not user friendly.

Our Solution

Our design and development team went to their institute to meet their website committee to understand their requirement. After requirement analysis and understanding their pain points we suggested following solution -

  1. Development – We suggested to use Drupal an advance CMS, as it is good at handling multiple users, scalability, number of modules, and strong community. It's an outstanding platform to build websites and web applications. And in future if institute requires new functions such as admission module or Alumni directory then it can be easily developed with minimal time and cost.
  2. Design – For design we suggested to go with simple and clean design as the main purpose of the website is to represent their information in easy and best way to reach out to aspiring management students and attract good companies for placement of its students. We started with 3 different wireframe layouts and later help them to decide best layout for them.


  1. Brand Identity - Their new website is unique has clear brand identity with simple and clean layout
  2. Better User Experience- It has better user interface and user experience with simple layout and with latest navigation structure, now for new user it is very easy to navigate and locate any section and find new information.
  3. Well-constructed pages - It is easy to use, easy navigation, proper utilization of links and callouts, and information displayed is not only informative, but attractive as well. Critical information, such as about us, admission, placement and contact us is easily accessible.
  4. Easy to update – With new advance CMS, updating content has become very easy and quick.
  5. More Secure – With new CMS site has become more secure, Drupal CMS team continuously works to beef up security of their CMS also they regularly provides security updates which makes website safe and secure.
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