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Amalaan Jewels is a Designer Jewellery company; a part of Limtex Group of Industries. Limtex is involved in various operations, like tea processing, biscuit manufacturing and IT-related activities. The software and BPO offices are present across the country; Limtex also trades a large number of other products in the foreign markets, in addition to the domestic sector.


Amalaan Jewels is in designer jewelry business from last 3 years, they wanted to expand their business with online Jewelry store. For that they needed one attractive, simple and easy to use website which can showcase their entire range of product portfolio and from where user may place their order online.

Our Solution


Any good ecommerce website needs to be-

  1. Secure and Trusted
  2. Scalable
  3. Flexible
  4. Easy to add new products
  5. Stable and reliable architecture
  6. Low cost/SKU
  7. Good admin back end
  8. and good order tracking system

For all these reasons we suggested Amalaan Jewels to go with Magento ecommerce platform as it is a very friendly platform and allows for easy and fast set up. Both the front and back end of Magento sites are easily added to and easily customised. It’s intuitive CMS also gives it an advantage over most other solutions for e-commerce and users can easily add and edit content and products. This also allows for seasonal additions to be made and for business to attract greater numbers of shoppers and conversions.

Magento comes with the features you would expect for a large business, including plug-ins for call centre features, order tracking, new payment gateways that are created to increase security among other additions.

And with high coding standards, magento is scalable – so you have no worry about your website breaking. You can add and add to it and adhere to coding standards. This is significant benefit for online business who see themselves going places in the future.


E-commerce websites have a reputation for not featuring attractive or creative design and for a Designer Jewelry website good attractive design was very crucial keeping that in mind we created appealing and simple design site for Amalaan Jewels at the same time we focused on usability and user experience, as usability is extremely important in order to maintain a profitable e-commerce site.


We built a custom themed GoMagento online store to offer their products to their customers with an easy checkout process, where we can quickly and easily update new content and products. Magento Ecommerce offers the Amalaan Jewels’s website the ability to display many more products, track orders and order history and swiftly and conveniently handle secure payments and several shipping options.

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