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Digital Marketing

5 Things Advertisers Need To Know About Dads

Dads hate shopping. Dads can't change diapers. Dads can't cook. Dads can't do this...dads can't do that. Well, it's time to change the way dads are stereotyped as clueless and incompetent when it comes to parenting. Dads are as involved as moms - from grocery shopping to buying products for their kids. Here're some interesting facts - from Father's Day spending to how dads view online advertising.


10 Content Marketing Tips For 2016

Content has always been, and continues to be, at the centre of digital success. However, the dynamics of successful content marketing campaigns are constantly changing, and only the companies that can adapt to this changing scenario can expect content marketing success in the long run.  In 2016 we're going to see companies producing more content.

What Went Viral In 2015? But Not For Good Reasons

Blame it on humour gone wrong, sloppy copy or plain misfortune - these brands somehow couldn't put their best feet forward when communicating with users online and offline. In 2015 we saw well-intentioned campaigns failing due to poor timing,  disgruntled employees taking over company's official Twitter account, nauseating Twitter polls + content that didn't simply hit the right note with the audience. Here, we share 10 such incidents that were talked about - but not in a good sense.