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Digital Marketing

How To Hire A Digital Marketing Strategist?

When it comes to spearheading your organization’s digital evolution, the role of digital marketing strategist is vital. He/she develops integrated marketing programs that offer seamless and consistent experience to customers as they navigate the decision journey from consideration to purchase, which in turn translates to tangible results. 

Here we discuss key traits and skills to look for when hiring a digital marketing strategist

50 Must Read Email Marketing Insights - #2016TechShuSeries

You've got an email! These 4 words still hold magic for consumers across the globe. Which is why email as a marketing channel generates the highest ROI ( an estimated ROI of $38 for every $1 spent, according to the Direct Marketing Association). Here we discuss key email marketing insights from 2016 to help you understand how the landscape of email is changing and how marketers are aligning with the changes.