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Basic Adwords Set Up

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Adwords account set up

Thsi section will help you to understand how to set up an adwords account, as we kep saying, our objective is to aware people about the possibility of marketing online and therefore we work in such a manner that it helps you to grow your business, so even if we are not dealing with you directly, if any of our document helps you, we will feel our purpose to be served.

Adwords account set up: 1st step

Go to

Adwords account set up: 2nd step

You can either use your existing gmail address or you can create one as well

Adwords account set up: 3rd step

Now you need to choose your timezone, country and currency, be careful here since once you have set them, later you can not change them.

Adwords account set up: 4th step

Now your adwords account is ready to ue, you can sign in again to start using your adwords account


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