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B2B Digital Marketing Services

Looking for a B2B marketing agency, get in touch with our team for a free audit. For 20+ years, we have been delivering sustainable marketing results for our B2B clients across different sectors including construction, retail, technology, logistics, energy, financial services and general goods. As a full service digital marketing agency, we support our clients with an integrated approach to marketing.

B2B digital marketing agency

B2B case studies

For one of our B2B clients - which is a cloud evolution partner providing end-to-end cloud managed services for enterprises - we ran large-scale global campaigns with region specific targeting focused on lead generation. We set up 200+ campaigns access different digital channels focusing different geographical locations and continuously monitored them. As a result, we helped increase quality lead from 2 per month to 434 within 8 months while keeping down the CPL from ~15K to ~3K. Within the same timeframe we also helped them with organic search campaigns and the client's website witnessed 139.5% increase in organic traffic. For more such B2B case studies, get in touch with our marketing team

Our B2B digital marketing clients

B2B digital marketing strategy - what's our approach? 

For us the strategy comes first, then comes the tools, tactics and channels. We look at 4 markets for growth and optimize the reach accordingly. 

b2b digital marketing strategy

B2B buyers interact with businesses through a wide range of channels — often more than one channel in the same customer journey. With proper channel analysis and optimization, we ensure that the marketing campaigns integrate these 5 important factors -

  • credibility: your expertise in the field, your reputation in the industry, team size, global network ( plus other factors which will vary from industry to industry) 
  • personalization : important to create an emotional connect with the buyers 
  • expectations: how do you manage and exceed customer expectations
  • empathy: your approach to understand the customer’s circumstances
  • frictionless support system : because human experience matters 

B2B marketing strategies - a few important pointers 

1) Your search strategy should focus both on branded and generic terms 

On average, B2B researchers do 12 searches before engaging with a specific brand’s website, as per a Google study. The same study found that the researchers use a mix of branded and category searches in the purchase journey. In fact 71% researchers start their purchase path with a generic query - which means they are looking for product information and not brands. Our approach to search is new age and it is aimed at helping you be part of the purchasing journey of a B2B researcher from early on. Learn how we helped an integrated pharmaceutical company secure a growth of more than 80% on keyword ranking within the first 3 months - where more than 20% of the keywords were in top 30 of the Google search.

2) Thought leadership is an effective way to connect with the B2B decision makers

89% of B2B decision makers say thought leadership plays a key role in enhancing their perceptions of an organization. And 42 % say that they are ready to pay a premium to work with an organization that produces thought leadership. 

However, when asked about the quality of thought leadership content, only 15% of the decision makers rated the content quality as very good or excellent. So, what exactly counts as excellent thought leadership - is it a guide discussing your product performance and benefits or an ebook about the new industry trends - or is it something more than that? 

b2b content marketing thought leadership

3) Emotional connect matters as at the end of the day it's human-to-human interaction

More than half (55 percent) of the top 20 brands are business-to-business (B2B), as per the Interbrand Best Global Brands 2018 Rankings. Yet when asked about how B2B brands can make long-term connection with their customers - that goes beyond offering functional and transactional capabilities to customers - many marketers shrug it off saying "it's B2B not B2C; we need to have a rational frame". Sure, the B2B marketing landscape is crowded and commoditized and the buying journey is different from that of B2C - but one must understand that the decision makers in the buying team are also people. In fact, B2B customers navigate a purchase journey the same way any shopper does - 63% begin their research online. A report from Google and CEB which surveyed 3,000 purchasers from 36 B2B brands found that B2B customers were “significantly more emotionally connected to their vendors” than consumers. While B2B stands for business to business, but we believe ultimately it’s humans that sit in the buying teams and the suppliers team and it’s the human experience that plays a key role in making the final decision. 

4) Break down the marketing silos 

B2B decisions often involve multiple stakeholders —an average of 6.8 during the buying process. With the growing number of people involved in the decision making process, it becomes complex to manage touchpoints and provide a consistent buyer journey. For instance, how do you ensure that your brand voice is consistent across all the channels? Or how do you ensure that the educational content that you sent to the initial researcher is relevant for the final decision makers? Organize your internal teams, channel partners and external marketing agencies so that everyone involved in the sales and marketing are thinking in terms of the end-to-end consumers ( from the initial researcher to the remaining decision makers). 

5) ABM ( Account-based Marketing) is critical for B2B marketing strategy 

Over the past few years, there's been an increasing interest in ABM from B2B marketers - which sees these marketers working in collaboration with the sales team to increase revenue from an agreed upon set of clients ( possibly a small pool of accounts who are highly likely to buy).

With the help of technology ( used the right way), ABM can increasingly help businesses be more relevant to their buyers - for example, instead of hosting general white papers on company websites to fetch email addresses of prospective buyers, under ABM B2B marketers need to provide content that's not just relevant to a visitor's industry or company - but is also relevant to his/her region ( language, specific challenges, prejudices etc). For one of our clients, learn how we used one-to-many ABM and created personalized content ( ads and region-relevant long content) to build significant opportunities for the business. To get the case study, get in touch with our team

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