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We’ve an extensive experience in handling digital marketing initiatives and delivering results (till date we’ve handled over 400 projects). Our approach in providing high-end digital marketing solutions to our clients and partners is based on our first-hand experience, lots of data analyzing, strategizing the right digital marketing mix, reviewing the mix constantly and optimized execution. Here’s a detailed overview of what we do before taking up a project and once taken how we work towards delivering the results.
Phase I
It concerns lots of data and we love data. Data does speak & we also speak to data.

  • We analyze your business, market, competitor and target segment.
  • We discuss our findings with you, send you a report with simplified data and suggest different suitable goals, budgets and online marketing options.
  • We set up a viable goal for Phase I work.
  • We do the formalities and receive 50% of the contract money in advance.

Phase II
We don’t sell pre-made packages. Also, we don’t have bias for any particular marketing channel. We understand the right digital mix varies from client to client and we are open to try every channel to ensure that the mix delivers the results.

  • We do further analysis and strategize the right digital marketing mix for you. For advanced analysis, we do an in depth study of your market, USPs, competitor’s USPs. We also send you a questionnaire to fill in.
  • We develop a plan for the first few months and keep it under constant scrutiny after it’s implemented.

Phase III
Optimized execution on a higher scale. We work with 2,000 + keywords per project.

  • We ensure that every hour we spend on the project is properly optimized.
  • We work with lots of processes and programs to help us look into the project in detail and get hidden data and derive meaningful conclusions in lesser time. Also these processes and programs help us avoid random work.
TechShu Consultancy Pvt. Ltd
5/5 stars
Techshu is doing very good work for me. I am continuing to use them for this ongoing project