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Adwords Conversion Code verification

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Adwords conversion code verification

Once you've set up Conversion Tracking, you might want to double-check that the code snippet you've added to your website is working properly.
Important Note: Kindly note that never ever add the snippet in your website footer or header, in that case every click will be considered as a conversion. Add the snippet in the Thank you page only. 
Here are four options for verifying a code snippet. It’s best to use one of the first two, since the others will cost you an ad click. (If you're an advanced user, see the "Debugging your code" section below. It'll show you another way to verify conversion tracking without costing you a click.)

Use Tag Assistant

Tag Assistant is a free Chrome Extension that automatically checks Google code snippets on any page in real time. It’ll show you the tags and errors found, help you resolve the problem, and make suggestions for improvements, including updates to old codes. Download and install Tag Assistant via the Google Chrome Store to use it, or visit the Tag Assistant Help Center for more information.

Wait for a conversion to occur

If you know that a click on your AdWords ad resulted in a conversion, and you know the click occurred after you activated conversion tracking, wait for the conversion to appear in your AdWords account.

Complete a test conversion on your site and wait for the conversion to appear on AdWords

Run a search for one of your active keywords on Google and click on your AdWords ad. You can then complete a test conversion on your site. After completing the conversion, it'll appear in your AdWords account anywhere from 60 minutes to up to 24 hours.
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