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It’s all about information. You have to create a very informative website; you have to offer authentic and updated information about your industry. It will help you in many ways, such as:
1. Your readers would love the website; they would talk about it
2. Readers would share the website within their social circles; this would not only establish as a brand, but will positively impact your organic rank and sales as well
3. By putting useful information you would become an authority in your niche and get lots of love from search engines
4. You will get many referrals, link etc. naturally – you would observe a great organic growth
So, you need content – lots of lots of them probably. But, wait! Are you hiring a company to write on your behalf? Will they understand your business?
Domain knowledge is essential when it comes to write informative content
There are content writing firms and SEO companies that can write hundreds of pages for you; but will it be helpful for you? You need someone who understands your business, who has significant knowledge and understanding about your industry – a writer who will read and make copies of existing stories is not the right person for you.
How we work – Our content writing approach is different
We invest significant amount of time to understand your business and your requirements. For all our clients, we have a Knowledge Leader, someone who understands things better, someone who is from marketing background (usually MBA). These people work closely with the writers in following manner:
1. The knowledge leader analyzes your niche – they study your competitors aggressively
2. They gain knowledge through extensive reading
3. They interact with clients, ask them questions, talk to them to understand the niche
4. They research, come up with topic ideas for stories and prepare drafts
5. These drafts are sent to the editorial team (writers and language experts) to create attractive articles for you
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